About AGFA

The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) was formed in 2009 by an international band of movie enthusiasts. It is the largest archive of its kind in the world, mainly focusing on the exploitation era of independent cinema – the 1960s through the 1980s. With over 3,200 35mm prints, the archive reflects the rebel spirit of the movies themselves. AGFA exists to raise awareness of the importance of genre cinema through collection, conservation, and distribution.

With an active print loan program, AGFA titles are regularly screened worldwide at major film festivals and repertory theaters. Strengths of the AGFA collection include exploitation, horror and martial arts films from across the globe.

“It is specifically about the preservation of the type of film that we’ve been programming for over a decade,” said Alamo Drafthouse Founder and CEO Tim League in the Austin Chronicle, “and also that most traditional film archives aren’t doing anything about.”

AGFA is happy to help you or your institution make arrangements to borrow prints. We charge a modest rental fee and require that the borrower pay for shipping/handling services per our specification. Please note that many of our 35mm prints are delicate and some irreplaceable. Please treat them with love. For more information on our loan program, please read the Loan Guidelines section.